In conversation with Barrie-James: Psychedelic Soup

We caught up with Barrie-James over the weekend on the release of his brand new second album 'Psychedelic Soup'. This is Barrie-James' first release since 2018 and sets itself as more of a musical journey than just an album. Like an open invite to his personal diary, each track manifests as an ingenious musical adaption of his storytelling.

Your album is out on Friday and features a track called ‘Magic Me’, if you had a magic power what would it be?

To be able to fly.

The upcoming album features a tremendous array of musical influences including old school rock & roll, rooted blues, classic sounds of Americana greats - who inspired you sonically for this album?

Was listening a lot to Zappa


Jeff buckely

Grizzly bear

Lots of instrumental music


‘Psychedelic Soup’ is a 15 song strong masterpiece, featuring multiple instrumental interludes - talk us through your thought process with the arrangement for the album.

I worked in fragments a lot

I believe instrumentals are key to creating atmosphere in albums

It gives the listener more space to imagine

And digest the previous song they heard

I treat albums like movie scores

In that way

To someone who’s never heard your music before, how’d you describe it in 3 words

A rich broth

The search for life's meaning has produced much philosophical, scientific, theological, and metaphysical speculation throughout history. Have you ever wondered the meaning of life? Can you share any words of wisdom with us?

I wonder the meaning of life everyday. It influences everything I do. Bob Dylan once said none of us really knows anything.. And I agree But for me life is all about learning how to deal with emotions And learn how to manipulate energy Manifest what you want through imagining and thinking and desire Meditation Do what you love everyday until the end Be kind Be real Seek truth Be postive Be down when you need to be And Love until it hurts Everything is energy Everything is frequency And there's nothing to fear And all that matters is what it means to you Be open to everything And learn to love yourself And everything should fall into place

Psychedelic Soup is out now and available to stream / download and purchase on vinyl here.


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